1) Q. Are all of the books on the website Catholic?
A. All of the books are Catholic without exception.

2) Q. How do I download my eBook after I have purchased it?
A. After you complete your purchase follow these steps:

1. Click on My Account (Located on the top of every page.)
2. Click on your order.
3. Click the download icon next to the file type suited for your device.
Kindle Fire: AZW3
kindle: Mobi
ePub: Nook or other devices with ePub reader installed. 

3) Q. Should I download the Epub or Mobi file?
A. Download the Mobi file if you are using a Kindle of any sort. Download the Epub for Nook, all Apple products and all other eReaders.

4) Q. Do you offer Electronic Gift Certificates?
A. Yes, click here to order.

5) Q. What eReader do you recommend?
A. This is a hard question. I prefer a strict eReader for a child as it does not have access to the internet and is used exclusively for book reading. The one negative about eReaders is that they are strictly black and white. The basic Kindle by Amazon is the most popular followed by the basic Nook from Barnes and Noble. Both of these are under $90. These devices have very long battery life. If you want color, you will also have many other functions on the device such as games and internet. All Kindle Fires, Ipads, Nook Tablets will display full color, but will have shorter battery life. IBook on any Apple device including laptops and desktops can display Ebooks.